2018 Municipal Election


     It’s official, Jim Chaplin is running for Mayor of Cavan Monaghan.

     A vote for Jim is a vote for positive change, fiscal responsibility and community engagement.

     He has 8 years previous Council experience and has a proven track record of standing up for what he believes and for ratepayers in general.

     Jim has a long history of community involvement and a genuine desire to make his community the best it can be.

     He has been a  successful business owner; Donna’s Pizza 1988 to 2002 and was a freelance DJ for 50 years.

A graduate of Communication Arts Jim has served on many committees, including Community Care, Library Board, BIA, Chamber of Commerce, several community school associations and was the founder and general manager of a community newspaper as well as the founder and president of a ratepayers association.

  He does not come to the job with a personal agenda and will not accept campaign contributions from developers.

There will be some very difficult decisions to be made during the next term of Council.  With the loss of slots funding it will be necessary to reduce unnecessary spending which has led to unsustainable tax increases.  The last four years Jim has seen his own property taxes increase by 25.19%.  This can not continue.

We must work together as one community.  In many cases Jim believes we can consult with local residents rather than with high priced “professional” consultants who have no vested interest in our community.

The potential annexation of lands into the City of Peterborough could have dire consequences for our ability to survive as a self-sustaining community.

     Current ongoing development seems to have gotten out of hand.  Some growth is both inevitable and desirable but too much too fast is not in the best interest of the township.  There also needs to be a mix of development types and the potential for local employment.

     Together let’s take back OUR community.